Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl!

Faith, I just can't believe that you will be three...I know that you see how hard I fight to live for you. I promised you that your death would not destroy my faith and that I would be the best mom I could be to your siblings. We both know I'm not perfect, but I hope that I am living up to those promises for you. We have a motto in this family because of you, To live times two. We all have to live more, give more, love more, be more in honor of you sweet girl. Nash, Krista, and Grace are back at school this year. They are all doing well, and I'm enjoying just being mom and helping with homework. :) Nash and Krista love being back with their friends everyday. They are both making As so far. Krista is finally over her math anxiety after seeing that the other kids are not doing as well. I hope she learns to believe in herself more. Grace is having a hard time adjusting to the long hours away from home. She talks about how much she loves PE because you send her lots of butterflies. Send her your strength and always let her know you are with her. Your little gift, your crazy little She is such a joy and entertains us all. You picked a good one. I know you enjoy watching her cause so much mischief. I love it when she looks at your picture and says, Faif. I can only imagine how much mischief my Irish twins could cause together. Oh, how I still wish I could have you here. I could go on, but the yearning for you will never change. I won't rewrite all that I have said before. With tears running down my face, I choose to wipe them away and smile because no matter where you are, no matter where I am- you are my daughter, I am your mother. I celebrate the bond that can never be broken by death. Our spirits are connected so I am filled with peace. The human nature in me still grieves the physical absence, but the spirit prevails always. Our spirits are one, so when I fall into the darkness your shining light guides my way out. I will continue to honor your life and make your imprint in this world visible.

Take a break from your big birthday bash and watch the butterfly release, lanterns, and fireworks on your birthday. Love you baby girl!
"Hope flies on the wings of Faith"